This cart is the bread-and-butter size for most businesses. The most bang for your buck! If you need a shred cart this is our recommended size.

We offer the 64-gallon euro style versus the standard 65 gallon north American style. Our euro style bins have a narrower, more ergonomic profile that fits through doors easier, and fits in the office spaces like a shred bin should.

We chose this size for a reason when we made our bin investments!

64-Gallon Cart

Dimensions: 23”W x 29”D x 42”H
Capacity: Approx. 200-225 lbs.


Our ShredVantage poly consoles fit into any office décor better than the old executive style consoles. The poly consoles are more cost effective for us so we pass the savings along to you.

JCAHO (Joint Commission) Compliant for secure shredding.

These are plastic so they are resistant to liquids unlike the particle board Executive Consoles.

The other advantage of these over the Executive Consoles is rearranging office furniture is a breeze with these plastic consoles!

ShredVantage 32-Gallon Console

Dimensions: 21”W x 17”D x 29”H
Capacity: Same capacity as the outdated particle board Executive Consoles.
Approx. 100-125 lbs.


For those who need the wooden executive consoles, we still have them by request only.

We will try our best to convince you to switch to the ShredVantage Consoles because we are sure you will like them more, not to mention we charge less to service the ShredVantage Consoles due to foot logistics!

36" Executive Console

Dimensions: 20”W x 16”D x 36”H
Capacity: Approx. 100-125 lbs.


Seal & Shred Bags

Dimensions: 18.9”W x 5.5”D x 30.7”H
Capacity: 25-30 lbs.

  • Back by popular demand!
  • Environmentally friendly - fully shreddable bags. Natural wet strength, these won’t tear without a fight. Bags are 2-ply with a security layer to prevent reading through the bag. The bags are shredder equipment friendly. The bags are tamper evident when sealed correctly to maintain Chain-of-custody for your sensitive documents until destroyed.
  • Bags are sold similar to a gift card, pre-pay for the bag and simply meet the truck at our weekly shred bag drop spot to witness the shred for the highest level of security. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram to see where we will be each week. We will be setup at different times & locations around town for your added convenience.
  • Certificates of Destruction are provided because you will witness the shredding at drop-off.
  • These bags are a great solution for those who have a home office who want to securely shred their documents.
  • Collect from elderly relatives in assisted living facilities
  • Collect from your college students at the end of school year
  • Realtors can provide them to local home purchasers or sellers to clean out
  • Lawyers can provide them to their clients
  • Accountants can provide them at tax time
  • A business with infrequent small shredding needs
  • Looking for a great fundraiser for your school or charity? Seal n’ Shred bag sales make a great way to raise money! See details.
  • Seal & Shred Bag Fundraiser!
  • Purchase the bags at a discount for your fundraiser.
  • Sell the bags at our normal price for your fundraiser! You can broaden your fundraising market to anyone. We will provide you with the Fundraiser flyers to help promote your charity or fundraising event. The flyers say how to return the bag for shredding.
  • Customers fill, seal and bring their bags back for fast & secure shredding.

Ship & Shred (Remote Solutions)

  • To meet the need of our more remote Alaskan businesses we came up with a solution to offer our Standard High-Security Shred Service, Maintaining the Chain-of-Custody and offering an easy solution to ship your sensitive documents to us to shred.
  • With our Ship & Shred program we email you pre-paid shipping labels so all you have to do is seal your boxes up tight following our recommended best practices for ship & shred and drop them off at one of our approved shipping locations across Alaska.
  • There is no minimum quantity for the Ship & Shred Program. We send you one label per standard size bankers box.
  • Please note that most remote locations our method of shipment will be air-freighting your secure documents back to us so that we can maintain the security and timeliness of our ship & shred program. We also accept ground LTL
  • We ensure the shipping company we use is licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Any shipping company we use is 100% in alignment with our high-security ship & shred program, meaning it is as safe with them as it is with us.
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